VPT VIP Shopping will sort you out.
Are you too busy to search for the right outfit, with the right fit and premium trimmings?
Do you love classy 'rare find' fashion that stands you apart from others?
Then VPT VIP Shopping is the fashion service you've been searching for.
We provide a unique personalised shopping experience for you and bring it to your doorstep no matter where you are.
We shop from our base in France, to Italy, Spain, UK US, and all over the world for you. The choice is yours.

*Designer shopping
Are you searching for a particular style by a particular designer of your choice? VPT has access to all the best designer boutiques. We will sort you out.

*Trends shopping
Are you looking out for specific fashion trends that have caught your fancy, or do you need to know more about what's trending in order to spruce up your wardrobe? VPT VIP will sort you out.

*Events shopping
Do you need to get your hands on a unique clothing item that matches an event you will be attending? Give us a heads up - tell us about your event and your style aspirations for it, and surely we'll sort you out.
*Corporate shopping
Do you need clothes that are specific to a particular job type, job status or office environment? We have the experience and expertise to sort you out.

*Party shopping

Are you searching for clothes to fit a particular party theme in a certain country, or do you simply want to stand out at the party? The choice is yours. Let's go through your options together. You don't have to do it alone.

*Wedding shopping
Are you searching for a special kind of wedding dress that cannot be found within your immediate locality? Fret no more, we are on it like wild fire. VPT loves to celebrate love by offering you wedding dress options that suit your specific wedding theme and wedding dress themes. We can tap into any designer label you seek or any design and colour scheme you prefer according to the cut of your cloth.

Our first day of VPT VIP consultation with you is free for 24 hours.

You won't have to travel or leave the comfort of your home if you don't want to. Simply place your order and we'll do it all for you.
Talk to us today. Divulge your preferences. Satiate your burning 'very pink' fashion cravings.

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